Art and Craft Ideas using a Styrofoam Cup

My wife Lisa always amazes me when she creates art and craft ideas out of regular items that you never thought could have been used to create a souvenir product.  One such item is one of our Tree Topper Angel Christmas that she so beautifully hand crafted.

This Tree Topper Angel Ornament is not your ordinary tree topper ornament that you usually use in the Christmas season to top off the completion of your decorated Christmas tree. Believe it or not, this ornament was handcrafted using a simple Styrofoam cup that cost pennies in a supermarket.

Arts and Craft Ideas Tree Topper Ornament


The really good think about some of the art and craft ideas that Lisa creates is that you can use it through the entire year, not only during the Christmas season. The Tree Topper Angel Ornament is no different from her other creations. When you are not using this ornament on your Christmas tree you can place it on any table in your home to compliment your home décor.  Even as I write this article I am in perfect view of one of these same ornaments on a table in our living room, and it is early in October.  If you are spiritual, you can use it to remind you of your guardian angel who is always watching over you.

Arts and Craft Ideas Tree Topper Ornament

In the Bahamas where we live, some of our customers would display their Christmas tree in their stores through the entire year.  Many tourists embarking from the cruise ships would normally stop by our customer stores and purchase a Tree Topper Ornament along with other souvenirs, even if it’s the middle of January.


Lisa and I are in the process of creating a step by step instructional manual on how she created the Tree Topper Ornament.  Hopefully we will be completed very soon.  You can also get this item if you are interested in it.  
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