Clam Shell Candle Holders

Clam Shell Candle Holder

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Just the other day Lisa and I came across an assortment of Clam Shells on the shore in the back of the community where we live.  We were astonish to find so many shells that were bought into the shore by the tide. Every Saturday morning we would go to the same location in search of different treasures of the sea.

This shell is known as the Pink Clam, or similar.  I have to research the correct name for this one, but for now we can refer to it as Pink Clam.

I took several pictures of the shell in its raw form so you can see how dirty they were at first.  Most persons would just pass these shell by because of the way they look, but Lisa has eyes for beauty, and would never pass a sea treasure.

The Clam shells were eventually clean using a process that we normally use to clean our shells. The shells were eventually used to produce an assortment of Candle Holders. If you like Candle Holders and would like further information, you may contact Lisa anytime.


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