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Hopefully if you are searching for Crafts to make and sell, then you may find what you are searching for, right here on our website. Creating and selling Christmas crafts is our specialty.

My wife Lisa and I have been working with Christmas crafts, especially Christmas Ornaments for the pass twenty years.  Lisa is really the one that makes the crafts. All I do is spray the glitter on her designs afterwards.  It feels really good to know that I am doing something to assist her, rather than just collecting the money.

I watched Lisa on many occasions, staying up many hours into the morning, trying to complete orders for our customers. Coming up with ideas for crafts to make and sell came with some level of experience and time, but this does not mean that you can’t learn to do the same. Working in your area of gifting does give you an advantage over others, but sometimes your gifts are not discovered, until you begin to actually do the work.

When we first started this website we were only focused on the wholesale and retail aspects of our business.   Now the focus of our website has changed.  Rather than just catering to customers only searching for Christmas Ornaments, and other related Crafts products to purchase, we decided to show people exactly how we went about creating the designs of our Ornaments and other Crafts on our website.

Many persons may not be interested in how we create our Ornaments, but many are interested.  If you are one of those persons that are interested in crafts to make and sell, then I encourage you to sign up for our early notification craft project list by using the form at the top right side of this website. All you have to do is enter your name and a good email address  in the form so we can send you the eBook, once Lisa has completed it with the project for the Tree Topper Ornament.

Our Free “Craft Project Updates” will show you exactly, in a step by step outline, how we went about creating each and every item on our website beginning with the Tree Topper Angel Ornament. Of course, this is a work in progress.  When I say work in progress I mean just that.  Lisa has not created the detail step by step instruction as yet on how to make the Tree Topper Ornament, but she is working on it.  ,

Project was created using a form cup and other common materials that are very easy to acquire. See image below. We call this item the Tree Topper Angel Ornament.  This item can easily be used as a table piece through the entire year, not only at Christmas.

crafts to make and sell

Our first free crafts to make and sell project is not as difficult to make as it may seem. As I mentioned earlier, we call this item a ” Tree Topper Angel“.  This is or very own unique name.

As you can see from our website home page, we specialize in making Christmas ornaments using shells and other related natural handicraft materials.  Our designs are more in the form of Angels, as you may have noticed. This was not intentional, but for some reason Lisa naturally began creating more and more designs of this nature.

We are not completely dedicated to Christmas Ornaments only, as you can see.  Also included on this website are other crafts items that Lisa works with on a daily basis. We will also be creating e books on how to create these other items as well. As you can see, Lisa is a very gifted individual that I believe is working in her area of gifting.

crafts to make and sellcrafts to make and sell

Craft to Make and Sell are very easy to create, if you take the right approach. We are in the process of creating craft project giveaways.  Coming soon.


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